Individual Projects
    Packet Switching Network Queuing, Filtering and Error Correction utilized to examine the dynamics in a network including sensitivity of the processors to errors, memory size and processes execution timing. Sectors include Receiver, Transmitter, Retransmission & Data, and Delay.

    Increasing Customer Satisfaction in Customer Service at MCI analysis of the factors driving customer satisfaction for MCI including employee and customer growth rates, hiring & training periods, knowledge stock and productivity. Sectors include customer service backlog, customer satisfaction, customer service staff.

    Dynamics in the Secondary Mortgage Market: The Example of Fannie Mae description of the funds flow from consumer through primary and secondary mortgage markets and the market securities instruments for promotion. Sectors include primary market lenders, Fannie Mae, and Wall Street.

    Information Technology Turnover Simulation Model allows an industry executive to play with policy variables in traditional space, "hoteling", or telecommuting options for IT workers. Sectors include employees, salaries, floor space and furniture, costs & cash flow, and business processes. Flight simulator allows for adjusting over a dozen variables including growth rates, space allocation and hiring.

    Personal Net Worth Builder aimed at the Federal Government employee. Sectors include income, home equity, and the Thrift Savings Plan. Flight simulator front end allows adjustment of home ownership factors, salary and TSP investment variables during pause periods.

    A Highway Truck Weigh Station Simulation simulates weigh station dynamics including balancing workloads, operating hours, expected flows and control of out of bounds offenders.

    Economic and Social Model of a Lower Developed Country primary analysis of the effects of funds inflows from international banks into specific country sectors for stimulating growth. Sectors include Population, General Economy, Productivity and Investments.

    The DoD Acquisition Process Model - Sectors out the Program Office, the Budget, Contractor, Contracts Office, Legal, Technical and Auditing areas for an analysis of the contracting process as it moves through its various stages.

    F-18 Integrated Test Point Execution Process - Provides an analysis for optimizing the testing performed on new aircraft to minimize flights yet collect the most data for certifying the different aircraft systems.

    Airborne Early Warning Command and Control Aircraft Life Cycle Funding - Looks at fluctuations in funding to control number of annual aircraft buys to insure a steady stream of aircraft

    EA-6B Aircraft Readiness - Includes all the sectors involved in insuring that this aircraft is available for use - manpower, parts supply, maintenance and weapons.

    Naval Air Headquarters Manpower Management - A simulator for senior level personnel to perform "what ifs" on hiring and promotion actions in high level grades.

    Aircraft Recurring Flyaway Costs -

    US Coast Guard Training of Haitian Coast Guard -

    Foreign Military Sales Model -

    Organizational Recovery Model after Downsizing -

    E-2C Aircraft Inventory -

    Group Projects

      Analysis of the effects of the proposed Federal Income tax break on the economic and social systems of the District of Columbia.

      Dynamics in creating and maintaining a low gravity communications satellite production line on the moon.

      The Ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay -

      Interactive Land Utilization Planning and Satisfaction Index Model

      Minor League Baseball Team Franchise Model