Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling

The following process simulation models were created in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a graduate course in System Dynamics at George Washington University.  
 ithink Model (right mouse click to download) Creator Documentation (right mouse click to download)
Secondary Mortgage Market Uma Jha n/a
Customer Service Virginia Paris n/a
Computer Server Processing Jelena n/a
Navy Acquisition Process Model Grace Bean  N/A - well internally documented
F-18 Integrated Test Process Chris Jamieson  N/A
E-2C Aircraft Inventory Gene Sites  N/A
AEW C2 Aircraft Procurement Monique Anneker  word document
EA-6B Readiness Model Jerry DiLeonardo  N/A
NAVAIRHQ Manpower Mgmt Kevin Kennedy  N/A
Aircraft Recurring Flyaway Costs Mary Swift  word document
Organizational Recovery Model Dennis Rude  word document
US Coast Guard Training John Arenstam  N/A
Foreign Military Sales Model Patrick Dean  word document
S-3B Viking Aircraft Maintenance Chris Drewello  word document
Team Model  Team Members Documentation
 DC Tax Proposal Jha / Al-Khalifa /   
 Lunar Colony    
Interactive Land Utilization Planning  Dean/ Bean/ Anneker/ Arenstam
The Ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay  Kennedy/ Drewello/ Jamieson/ DiLeonardo
Minor League Baseball Team Franchise  Rude/ Sites/ Swift

To operate these models you must first download and install the save disabled version of ithink, a System Dynamics modeling tool from High Performing Systems. (You will need to fill in a short form first):

     High Performing Systems ithink Demo Version Engine
 To load the models, start up the ithink software, then click on File, Close Model.  Then click on File, Open, and specify the directory and filename where you have stored the saved model, e.g. c:\temp\aircraft.itm.

Additional Models Available at HPS

Models for in-class work.

Focus ithink file name
System Development Flight Simulator sysdev.itm
System Dynamics Diagramming - Basic Structures & Processes model lab2.itm