Instructions for Synchronous Online Meeting

(Special note: If you have them, please make sure your speakers are turned on and your microphone plugged in. Also if you are going to be operating from behind a firewall or proxy server you may have difficulty communicating with us. See to get port settings for this environment.

We will be meeting in an environment called Eduverse, which is a play on the words Education and Universe. Eduverse is a three dimensional environment, where content call be deposited and viewed, and where we will all meet and talk (using text or voice chat). You will be transported into this world using an avatar body. To see the world for yourself:

1) Go to the Eduverse website, and download their browser.  ( 

2) Install the software, and start it up.

3) You will have to wait a short time while the first world scene downloads onto your hard drive. You will need to change a few of the settings for it to work properly for you during our session.
Click on Options, Settings, and then the Download tab
Click on the radio buttons that says Download all pictures.
Click on the radio button that says Download all audio files.
Then click on OK.
4) Once you have the settings finished, and the entry world is finished loading, scroll down the list on the left part of your screen. Each of the items on this list is an entry into a separate "world." You can explore these later. For our meeting you will need to scroll down until you reach IRMC. Click on it once and you will be transported to the IRMC world. It will take time for it to load as well. 

There are products on the market such as PalTalk that would allow you to communicate verbally in this environment as well. 

5) While you are waiting for everybody to show up, you can move around the world by using the up, down, left and right  arrows on your keyboard. You can also use the + and - keys to move up and down in the air.