XMIT 692 Mini Exam 1
Emerging Simulation Technology

Answers to the following mini exam questions may be found in the week's readings, presentation slides, or in the online exercises. All questions are worth 1 point unless indicated.


Part A: McKinsey Quarterly Article


1. Over what percentage of US corporation have utilized simulations?

a. 50
b. 60
c. 70
d. 90

2. Simulations can only be run on computers (T/F)


3. A disadvantage of "canned" computer based simulations is that they:

a. Can sometimes obscure the logic of causal relationships.
b. Are slower than humans in performing calculations.
c. Don't appear on the Hype Cycle.
d. Sometimes allow the user to peer into the inner workings of the simulation.

4. To "fine tune" a simulation, a designer should rigorously test its parameters by
a. running the simulation using the law of requisite variety.
b. inputting real world decisions and then checking the accuracy of the simulated outcomes.
c. utilize C++ as a testing language.
d. utilizing people at the airport as a test set.

Part B. Systems Thinking

5. Bellinger has defined a reinforcing causal loop as one where situation where action produces a result which promotes more of the same action. (T/F)

6. Which of the following has Bellinger described as an example of a balancing loop

a. stock market crash

b. uncontrolled population growth

c. developing a skill

d. uncontrolled nuclear reactions

Part C. Systems Dynamics

7. What does the Stock and Flow diagram provide that the causal loop does not?

a. the direction of influence

b. a finer granularity in the analysis

c. a demonstration of where increases and decreases are expected to occur

d. a delay indicator

8. Output in stock and flow systems is typically depicted in the form of 

a. balancing loops

b. differential equations

c. time graphs

d. a Petra glyphic nomenclature

Part D. Management Flight Simulators

9. A Management Flight Simulator consists of a Dynamic Pictorial Computer Interface + a?

a. Computation Engine

b. JAVA code

c. Fortran Compiler

d. Group Operator

10. Operating a MFS is 

a. "See no evil, Hear no evil, speak no evil"

b. "Learning by Doing."

c. "Like trying to stop a moving locomotive"

d. "A walk in the park"

11. Which of the following is not a simulator built to help understand dynamics specifically in the IT arena?

a. Information Technology Organization Flight Simulator

b. Security Policy Implementation

c. Korean Information Infrastructure Support

d. Diverse Workforce

Part E: Systems Modeling Viewgraphs

12. A distinguishing characteristic of Process Simulation, also known as Discrete Event Simulation, is that
a. they focus on strategic level issues
b. they utilize cellular automata as their underlying engine
c. they allow you to explore 3D spaces
d. they utilize queuing techniques.
13. The father of System Dynamics provides the opening quote specified in that section. Who is he?
a. Peter Senge
b. Jay Forrester
c. Peter Rabbitt
d. Eddie Rabbitt
14. Modeling and Simulation for the IT Manager within the Finance area is best served by a ________ simulation focus area.

a. Operational

b. Tactical

c. Strategic

Part F. Artificial Life Viewgraphs


15. Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics of Artificial Life?

a. Reproduction

b. Intelligent individual behaviors

c. Bi-directional escalation

d. Emergent group behaviors

16. The mission of Biota.org is to promote and assist in the engineering of complete, biologically-inspired, synthetic ecosystems and organisms. (T/F)


Part G: Online Simulations


17. Which of the following is not a decision you can make in the PDA Simulation?

a. set product prices

b. allocate the R&D budget by product line

c. solicit venture capital funds

d. discontinue a product

18. Which of Wolframs classes of behavior [see Artificial Life viewgraphs] is most closely exhibited by the "Exploder" simulation in Conway's Game of Life?

a. Static

b. Repeating

c. Chaotic

d. Complex Pattern

Part H. Design a Question


 19. Create and submit a new question, along with the correct answer, which uses this weeks content (2 points).