XMIT Mini Exam 2
Knowledge Management


Part A. Saunders Reading (4 points)


1. According to Saunders, an ontology ( 1 point)

a. is the study of studying

b. provides multiple schema for mutually exclusive OR matrices

c. provides a basis for representing objects, functions, relationships, and events

d. prohibits collaborative processes

2. Which of the following is not a formal ontology. (1 point)

a. CyC-L

b. Semantic Networks

c. Neural Networks

d. Collaboration Networks

3. The informal approach toward Knowledge Management allows the contributors to specify their own ontology. (T/F) (1 point)


4. Which of the following products most closely utilizes the informal KM approach (1 point)

a. Microsoft Excel

b. Lotus Notes/Domino

c. CyC

d. Expert Choice

Part B. Case Study Analysis (16 points)


Read the HP Case at http://www.bus.utexas.edu/kman/hpcase.htm.This case study has 4 examples of knowledge management efforts that took place at Hewlett Packard Corporation. 

  1. Trainer's Trading Post
  2. Building a Network of Experts
  3. Knowledge Management on Product Processes
  4. Managing Knowledge for the Computer Dealer Channel

Use the approach outlined in the table below. Rate each application on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 is the highest possible rating) across a group of criteria as to how well it emulates the concept of Knowledge Management. That is, what are the characteristics of this application that led you to believe it does or does not match criteria for what you believe is "good" Knowledge Management. See the example below (DO NOT use the same criteria in the table). 



 Overall Scores
Permanence (.4) Flexibility (.3) Viability (.3)
Trainer's Trading Post 7 5 9 7
Building a Network of Experts 4 9 5 5.8
Knowledge Management on Product Processes 7 8 9 7.9
Managing Knowledge for the Computer Dealer Channel 5 5 7 5.6
   Weighted Average  2.3 2.025 2.25 6.575

For one of the four efforts, the one which you rated the highest, provide a one to two paragraph rationale for why you think it rated the best. For example:

"I thought the Knowledge Fumblers Frolf Expert (KFFE) rated highest primarily because it is very flexible. It provides a means for the individuals to openly explore what they consider to be important in terms of an outdoor sport.  It provides a method for the corporation to initially expose the highest quality of information about that sport. However it does not rate very high on permanence because after likely a short time period, the rules of the game will change and the ability to change the expert appears to be very difficult. It is likely then to fall into a state of disrepair  Over the short run the cost benefit ratio of the KFFE will prove of significant value in increasing the viability of the organization to build muscle, stamina, and free thinkers. Something the corporation should consider would be to add a frolf (also known as disc golf) course."




 Overall Scores
                           (      )                             (     )                              (    )
Trainer's Trading Post        
Building a Network of Experts        
Knowledge Management on Product Processes        
Managing Knowledge for the Computer Dealer Channel        
   Weighted Average