Expert System Development Exercise Using EXSYS

1.) Download [Right Click and use Save As] or copy Wprodemo.exe onto your desktop.

2. Install the software, and start it. 

2.) Using the rules below, work with the instructor to place the rules into the EXSYS Expert System Shell by

    a) create Choices

    b) create Qualifiers and Values

    c) Create the rules from the choices, qualifiers and values

4) Run a Validation of your Expert System to see the full Rule Tree

Options, Validation, System, Set ALL Qual to ALL Values, OK, Yes, [Answer] OK [to all 'error' messages], [examine] Branched, [and then] Linear

Rule Set

Rule 1. If a person has 10,000 and a college education then invest in securities

Rule 2. If a persons income is at least $40,000 and the person has a college degree, then invest in growth stocks.

Rule 3. If a person is younger than 30 and investing in securities then invest in growth stocks.

Rule 4. If a person is younger than 30 then they possess a degree.

Rule 5. If one wants to invest in growth stocks, then the stock should be IBM.