Resources for Aiding the Decision Maker

Professionals concerned with making better decisions are typically concerned with the cognitive, psychological, and social processes surrounding the area of choice. It is natural to assume that our decision processes are already fine tuned. But research, as outlined below under Cognitive Fallacies and Biases, has shown otherwise. Based upon their research for making better decisions, researchers in the decision making arena have provided prescriptive, i.e. suggested, methods for improving human decision processes. Pointers to some of those aids are outlined below under Description of Methods. The aids in this arena are generally known as Decision Analysis Aids or Decision Support Systems. Many of these aids have been automated in software, with some of those packages listed below.

References in Cognitive Fallacies and Biases

Decision Traps by Russo and Shoemaker, 1990. Overconfidence Game
Framing Game
Groupthink by Irving Janus, 1982.
Making Tough Decisions by Paul Nutt, 1989.
Description of Methods for Decision Aiding "Methods for Aiding Decision Makers" by John Saunders
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Research Institutes in Decision Analysis Decision Sciences Institute
Society for Judgment and Decision Making
Decision Analysis Society [a branch of The Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)]
European Association for Decision Making
Software for Decision Analysis/Decision Support Analytica from Lumina Decision Systems, Inc.
Decision Pad from Apian
DPL from Strategic Decision Simulation Group
Expert Choice from Expert Choice, Inc
DATA from TreeAge
Note: an excellent reference in this area is Buede, Dennis. "Aiding Insight III: Decision Analysis Software Survey." OR/MS Today. August 1996 Volume 23 Number 4.

Journals with a Focus on Decision Analysis

Management Science
Decision Science
European Journal of Operations Research
Other Disciplines closely associated with Decision Analysis

Cognitive Science, Games, Management, Operations Research, Risk and Uncertainty, Statistics, Systems