Portal Technology Exercise


In teams of three, using Expert Choice, evaluate the following three Portal Technologies for potential use by faculty and students while working at or attending the College. Select 4 of the criteria from Eckerson1 to do your evaluation.

Portal Technologies

1.) Opentext http://www.opentext.com/livelink/

2.) E-portal Suite from Viador http://www.viador.com/index.html

3.) Corporate Portal 3.0 from Plumtree Software http://www.plumtree.com/products.html

Evaluation Criteria


  1. Eckerson, Wayne W. Business Portals: Drivers, Definitions, and Rules. Report from Patricia Seybold Group. Available at: http://www.viador.com/pdfs/SeyboldWhitePaper.pdf
  2. You can build your own Plumtree Corporate Portal at http://www.corporateportals.com/corporateportal
  3. BI = Business Intelligence
  4. A Demo of Viador is available from their web site.