Field Trips in Information Technology / Visits to Chief Information Officers

As a faculty member at the Information Resources Management College, I have arranged and lead several field trips to innovative organizations across the United States. We accompany our (adult) students to visit organizations where the use of information technology has had a major role in improving their missions and processes. We meet with the Chief Information Officers of these organizations to discuss best practices in the management of IT. Those cities and organizations are listed below following the photographs.

Underneath the Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis, and beside a launch pad, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A tour of the deep sea exploration ship Western Flyer, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, California.

At Hughes Missle Systems Tomahawk Production Facility, and Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Tucson Arizona

Boston, Massachusetts    Orlando, Florida    Research Triangle Park, North Carolina    San Diego, California
San Francisco, California    Silicon Valley Area, California     Tucson, Arizona    Washington DC

Boston, Massachusetts
     Fidelity Investments
     John Hancock
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Research
     Mitre Corporation
     Dragon Systems
     Lotus Development Corporation / IBM
     Harvard University, JFK School of Government and Harvard Business School
     RSA Security

Orlando, Florida

     NASA Kennedy Space Center
     Lucent Technologies
     Lockheed Martin Information Systems
     Silicon Graphics
     Harris Corporation
     Northrup Grumman JSTARS Program
     Institute for Simulation and Training

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

     IBM Corporation Personal Computer  Manufacturing
     Research Triangle Institute
     State of North Carolina Broadcasting Center
     Glaxo Welcome Pharmauceticals
     Virtus Corporation

San Diego, California

     Heicht Nielson Neurocomputing
     San Diego Gas & Electric
     Science Applications International Corporation
     General Dynamics, Convair Division
     Naval Research and Development Center (NRAD)

San Francisco, California

     Pacific Stock Exchange
     Bechtel Corporation
     Wells Fargo Bank
     Bay Area Rapid Transit System
     UC Berkeley School of Business
     UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
     Sense8 Corporation
     Levi Strauss Corporation
     San Francisco Examiner

Silicon Valley & South, California

     Hewlett Packard
     Network Associates
     NASA Ames Research Center
     Borland International
     Santa Cruz Operations
     CISCO Systems
     Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
     Naval Postgraduate School
     Defense Manpower Data Center
     Thinking Tools
     Cyberware Corporation

Tucson, Arizona

     Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center
     Tucson Electric Power
     University of Arizona
     Army Information Systems Command
     Joint Interoperability Test Center
     Kitt Pak National Optical Astronomy Observatory
     Hughes Missle Systems
     Allied Signal Corporation

Washington DC

     The Washington Post Company
     Potomac Electric Power Company
     U.S. Department of State Situation Center
     National Military Command Center, Pentagon
     Headquarters, United States Marine Corps
     Computer Sciences Corporation
     American Management Systems
     Coopers & Lybrand Decision Center
     Naval Research Laboratory
     Federal Aviation Administration Flight Control Center