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1988-present - Director, Center for Information Assurance, Advanced Technology Project Leader, and Professor
, Information Resources Management College, National Defense University, Washington, DC.

  • Directs activities in National Security Agency certified Information Assurance Center including specialized research, publication, conferences, and course offerings. See Center web site at .
  • Initiates and leads team development in information technology projects including information assurance and simulation laboratories, wearable computing, virtual reality & avatar worlds, wireless LANs, group decision centers, and collaborative groupware.
  • Creates and teaches courses, programs and field studies in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Decision Support Systems, Human Computer Interface, Knowledge Management, Information Security, Computer Simulation, and Virtual Reality. Have led groups to over 60 corporate, academic, and research centers nationwide.

1985-present - Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland University College, European Division, Heidelberg, Germany, 1985-86; Graduate School 1994-96; and Executive Programs, 1998-present. George Washington University, Washington, DC. 1987-1994. 1997-1998. Continuing part time faculty appointments. Courses taught included system dynamics, decision support systems, computer supported collaborative work, artificial intelligence, computer programming, systems analysis and operations research.

1983-1984 - Assistant Professor and Manager of Information Systems, Mount Vernon College, Washington, DC. Appointment teaching introductory and advanced subjects in all areas related to the utilization of the computer. Also managed all aspects of administrative & academic computing at four year college

1971-1982 - Controller, Data Process Manager and Project Leader in Information Systems, Law Firm, and Hotel and Restaurant, and Wholesale Distribution Environments. Details available upon request.


Ph.D., Information and Decision Systems, George Washington University, 1994.
M.B.A., George Washington University, 1983.
B.S., Management Science, Pennsylvania State University, 1971.


  • Chair, Education and Training. Process Control Systems Forum, 2005, Ongoing. See .
  • Conference Chairman, Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in National Security Conference. May 2000.
  • TS/SCI Security Clearance
  • Certified Knowledge Engineer (C.K.E.), Certified Data Processor (C.D.P.) , GIAC Gold Security Essentials Certified (G.S.E.C)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary Society, Walton Smith Award
  • U.S. Government Exceptional Performance & Cash Awards 1990 - 2005.



Collaborative Systems

  • GroupTrek: The Next Generation Information Technology Talk, Spring 1997.
  • A Comparison of Structures for Electronic Brainstorming Data Organization and Filtering 1996 Conference of Institute for Operations Research and Management Science Washington DC, March 1996.
  • Implementation of Lotus Notes at the School of Information Warfare and Strategy, Lotusphere 95, Orlando, FL, January 1995.
  • Collaborative Curriculum Development and Delivery Utilizing Lotus Notes, Computers on Campus, Myrtle Beach, SC, November 1994.

Decision Systems


  • A Risk Management Methodology for Information Security: The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). SANS Institute. April 2001.
  • An Environment for Abstract World Exploration in Groups - Decision Room Incorporating Virtual Reality. Workshop on Strategies for Collaborative Modeling and Simulation at ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Cambridge MA, November 1996.
  • A Comparison of Decision Accuracy in AHP and Point Allocation, Third Intl Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Washington, DC, July 1994.
  • "A Computerized Group Decision Room at the National Defense University," Computers on Campus, Myrtle Beach, SC, November 1993.

Human Computer Interface

        "Virtual Reality Secrets Revealed" Information Technology Talk, Summer 2000.

        "Virtual Reality for Education: Secrets of the National Defense University." Corporate Universities Conference, May 2000.

        "Potential in Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding for Intelligence Gathering," ORSA/TIMS Joint National Meeting, Anaheim, CA Nov 1991.

Information Assurance

  • SCADA and Control Systems Cyber Security. Chapter in upcoming book Homeland Security Information Management: A Primer. (2006).
  • A Dynamic Risk Model for IT Security in a Critical Infrastructure Environment. Presentation at Workshop on System Dynamics Modeling of Physical and Social Systems for National Security. Chantilly VA, April 2005.
  • Information Security Implications and Challenges. Plenary talk at CIO Symposium, Bucharest, Romania, February 2005.
  • Operations Security for Control Systems. Presentation at ISA Industrial Network Security Technical Conference, Philadelphia, PA, June 2004.
  • Digital Control Systems Security Education. Presentation at Federal Information Systems Security Educators Conference, College Park, MD, March 2004.
  • A Dynamic Risk Model for Information Technology Security in a Critical Infrastructure Environment. Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Risk Management in Water Resources. (2003)
  • Operations Security for Control Systems. Presentation at Instrumentation Systems & Automation Conference, Houston, TX, October, 2003.
  • Hardening Critical Information Infrastructure. Presentation at GOVSEC, Washington, DC, July 2003.
  • Hacking and Defense-in-Depth--A Hands-On Approach. Tutorial presented at the E-Gov 2003, Washington, DC
  • Simulation Approaches in Information Security Education. Journal of Information Security. Vol 1. No. 2. June 2002.
  • Methods for Data Analysis and Synthesis. Presentation at NSA Education Workshop, Fort Meade, MD, January 2003.
  • CyberProtect. Tutorial at EGOV2002, Washington, DC, June 2002.
  • Modeling the Silicon Curtin. Retrieved from
  • A Risk Management Methodology for Information Security: The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). SANS Institute. 2001.

Information Technology - General

  • "Educational Technology Skunk works." Innovation in National Security Education Conference, February 2000.
  • "Approaches to Intraneting" Information Technology Talk, Summer 1997 .
  • "A Evaluation of SF-171 Software," Government Computer News, July 1992.
  • "A Survey of Object Oriented Programming Languages," Journal of Object Oriented Programming, Jan/Feb 1989.

Modeling and Simulation


  • “Simulation Approaches in Information Security Education.” National Colloquium in Information Systems Security Education. June 2002.
  • "The Case for Modeling and Simulation of Information Security." Computer Security Institute Conference. October 2001.
  • "The Management Flight Simulator" Information Technology Talk, Spring 1998.
  • "System Dynamics: Lessons in Boom & Bust, Re-engineering, and Brook’s Law Revisited" Information Technology Talk, Winter 1998.
  • "A Quick Guide to System Dynamics", Information Technology Talk, Spring 1997.


        Control Systems / SCADA Security Lab (2005). Constructed unique technology lab for research and education in control systems of critical infrastructure such as utilities, pipelines, and dams. .

        Information Assurance Network Simulation Lab (2001-present) High-end human/computer laboratory for variety of attack/defend red v. blue scenario playing and war gaming. Focus on managerial level evaluation of costs, tradeoffs, and crisis mitigation. Funded through Grant from National Security Agency.

        Wearable Computing Networks (2000-1) Created packaged wearable computing environment utilizing Xybernaut and Saintsong Espresso wearable computers with Ricochet wireless Internet and GPS connectivity into 3D Web Based Collaborative Learning Environment.

        IRMC in Eduverse (1999) 3D Web Based Collaborative Learning Environment. On line 3D Meeting Place and Learning Laboratory in Information Technology. Converged environment including avatars, video and audio lectures, VTC, and intelligent agents.

        Decision Room in Virtual Reality (DRIVIR) (1996). Immersive environment for group virtual world exploration. Objective is to provide senior level policy makers capability to build worlds from object libraries and then explore the implications of modifying object behavior. Integrated with decision network, teleconferencing, World Wide Web and data base access. Sponsors include U.S. Army Artificial Intelligence Center and Sense8 Corporation. Planned research includes extension of “Microworld” technologies to include inter and intra organizational object stores, three dimensional template structures, and difference analysis in group modeling.

        Wireless deployable group decision networks (1995). Systems created for collaboration among faculty elements and field deployed courses. Lotus Notes and GroupSystems software. Standalone notebook file servers running Novell 4.1 LAN software with twenty wireless notebook client computers each. Distance and local replication with central file servers.

        College wide groupware and paperless curriculum (1994-5). Initiated and implemented college (now University) wide paperless courseware. Includes such products as course syllabi & reading material, demographic databases, student exercises, and faculty to student & student to faculty evaluation.

        Notebook computer and wireless local area networks for each student (1994) Initiated and completed for first senior service school (Class of '95) program on Information Warfare and Strategy.

        Group decision support room (1992). One of the first collaborative decision centers in DoD. Utilized with videoteleconferencing. Host to thousands of senior DoD officials including service chiefs, assistant secretaries and members of congress including Speaker of the House.

        On-line services for students and faculty (1990). Obtained Internet and Compuserve executive accounts for advanced studies students. Accounts continue to be used to this day.

        Neural network technology (1988). Initiated use of this technology in advanced studies courses at National War College and Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

        Expert Systems Development (1987 - 1991) Created artificial intelligence systems for major computer manufacturer, finance firm, and military equipment manufacturer.


  • "The Fleet Aircraft Management Organization: A Case Study in Information Security, " 2002.
  • "The Wireless Connection: A Case Study in Information Technology," 1995.
  • "What to do with Vikki: A Case Study in Group Decision Support," 1993.


Generic Development
Visual Basic(d)
Authorware (MultiMedia) (d)
Access, Paradox & Oracle DBMS (d)

Programming Languages

Decision Support
Expert Choice(t,d)

Groupware/Business Process Improvement
Lotus Notes/Domino(t,d)
GroupSystems V(t,d)
QuestMap (CM/1)(t)

Expert Systems / Artificial Intelligence
Prolog (t,d)
First Class Fusion (t,d)
Level Five Object (t)

System Dynamics
i Think (t)

Virtual Reality
Virtus (t)
Sense8 (d)
3D Webmaster

Neural Networks
NeuralWare Professional (d)
Neuroshell (t,d)


* t = taught; d = application development


Have lead numerous groups (typically 15-20 individuals) of senior Federal executives on visits and analysis of Information Industry organizations. Cities of focus included Boston, Orlando, Research Triangle Park, N.C., San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tucson, and Washington, DC. The organizations visited were:

3Com, Silicon Valley, CA
Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Tucson, AZ
Allied Signal Corporation, Tucson, AZ
American Management Systems, Washington, D.C.
Army Information Systems Command, Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Bay Area Rapid Transit System, San Francisco, CA
Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Biosphere2, Tucson, AZ
Borland International, Santa Cruz, CA
CISCO Systems, San Jose, CA
Computer Sciences Corporation, Washington, D.C.
Coopers & Lybrand Decision Center, Washington, D.C.
Cyberware Corporation, Monterey, CA
Defense Manpower Data Center, Monterey, CA
Dragon Speech Recognition Systems, Newton. MA
Federal Aviation Administration Flight Control Center, Washington, D.C.
Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA
General Dynamics, Convair Division, San Diego, CA
Glaxo Welcome Pharmauceticals, Research Triangle Park, NC
Harris Corporation, Orlando, FL
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Headquarters, United States Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.
Heicht Nielson Neurocomputing, San Diego, CA
Hewlett Packard, Silicon Valley, CA
Hughes Missle Systems, Tucson, AZ
IBM Corporation Personal Computer Manufacturing, Research Triangle Park, NC
Institute for Simulation and Training, Orlando, FL

John Hancock Insurance, Boston, MA
Joint Interoperability Test Center, Tucson, AZ
Kitt Pak National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Tucson, AZ
Levi Strauss Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Lockheed Martin Information Systems, Orlando, FL
Lotus Development Corporation / IBM, Cambridge, MA
Lucent Technologies, Orlando, FL
Macromedia, San Francisco, CA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Mitre Corporation, Bedford, MA
Mitre Corporation, Washington, D.C.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Monterey, CA
NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose, CA
NASA Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, FL
National Military Command Center, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
Naval Research and Development Center (NRAD), San Diego, CA
Netscape, Silicon Valley, CA
Network Associates, Silicon Valley, CA
Northrup Grumman JSTARS Program, Orlando, FL
Pacific Stock Exchange, San Francisco, CA
Potomac Electric Power Company, Washington, D.C.
Raytheon, Lexington, MA
Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC
RSA Security, Bedford, MA
San Diego Gas & Electric, San Diego, CA
San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz Operations, Santa Cruz, CA
Science Applications International Corporation, San Diego, CA
Sense8 Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Silicon Graphics, Orlando, FL
Simulation & Training Command, U.S. Army, Orlando, FL
State of North Carolina Broadcasting Center, Research Triangle Park, NC
Sun Computer, Silicon Valley, CA
The Washington Post Company, Washington, D.C.
Thinking Tools, Monterey, CA
Tucson Electric Power, Tucson, AZ
U.S. Department of State Situation Center, Washington, D.C.
UC Berkeley School of Business, San Francisco, CA
UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, San Francisco, CA
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Virtus Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC
Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA