The Human Computer Interface Technology and Issues  


This lesson focuses on the changing nature of the way we interface with computing and communications devices. Students review a number of isolated and integrated leading edge technologies including speech recognition, speech synthesis, virtual reality, wearable computing, personal digital assistants, anthropomorphic interfaces, e-books, handwriting and gesture recognition, and intelligent home devices. Exercises and exploration of applications in each area convey uses and value.


Students will be able to evaluate each interface technology in terms of its performance benefits, costs-of ownership, technical issues, and implementation strategies for possible application as part of the enterprise information infrastructure.


Required Saunders, John H. Advances in the Human Computer Interface


Strano, Carolyn.The Wearable Computer

In-class Material


The Changing Human Computer Interface

Speech Recognition and Natural Language

The Wearable Computer

Virtual Reality and Avatars    Other VR


1. An Adventure in Eduverse

2. Building a Virtual Reality Environment

Software: (on CD)
Activeworlds Browser


Virtual Reality


0830 10:00 Changing Nature of the HCI 

10:00 10:15 Break 

10:15 12:00 Changing Nature of the HCI - continued 

12:00 1:00 Lunch 

1:00 2:30 Virtual Reality 

2:30 2:45 Break 

2:45 4:45 Student Presentations