Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Issues 


This lesson focuses on the power and use of stored knowledge for adding value to an organization. The basis for extraction of immediate versus stored knowledge is explored. Tools for compiling knowledge from human experts such as neural networks and expert systems are discussed and evaluated. End applications for matching knowledge to tasks such as data mining and case based reasoning are demonstrated. Exercises and exploration of applications in each area drive home uses and value.


Students will be able to evaluate each knowledge technology in terms of its performance benefits, costs-of ownership, technical issues, and  implementation strategies for possible application as part of the enterprise information infrastructure.



Saunders, John H. A Primer on Artificial Intelligence Techniques



In-class Material


An Introduction to Intelligent Systems


1. MU Puzzle

2. Expert System Development Exercise

3. Neural Network Exercise

4. Intelligent agent Exercise


NeuroShell Demo Software  (right click to download)

Exsys Demo Software (right click to download)

Expert Systems

Neural Networks

Genetic Algorithms  


0830 12:00 Intelligent Systems including Expert Systems, Neural Nets, and Genetic Algorithms

12:00 1:00 Lunch

1:00 2:30 Intelligent Agents

2:30 2:45 Break

2:45 4:45 Student Group Presentations - Technology Evaluation